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Automate your social media, without the weird artificial aftertaste.


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Edgar is loaded with strategic shortcuts and time-savers that keep your social media active, organized, and true to you no matter how busy life gets.

Edgar’s loaded with entrepreneur-approved time-savers that’ll keep your social media consistent without overwhelming distractions and information overload.

Edgar offers unlimited scheduled posts, so you can plan and publish your social campaigns from one tidy dashboard and maintain the professional presence you’ve been dreaming of.  Ever get social media writer’s block? Edgar’s got you covered! Just plug in a link – he’ll scan it for quote-worthy text and automatically generate social updates you can use.

Want to promote a special offer every other day? Share a blog post once a week? Edgar automates your recurring tasks, so you can kiss your to-do list goodbye.  Edgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates organized by category, so you control what types of content get shared and when. If he runs out of new updates, he’ll re-share older ones, so your social is always on – even when you’re focused on other things.