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Givsly turns business meetings into opportunities to support your favorite nonprofits.


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We create social impact for busy professionals through the time and resources that they already have.

Givsly is a company built to drive business through a culture of purpose. Now more than ever, business professionals and companies feel a desire to create societal change. Givsly’s mission is to utilize our products to drive business impact through a company culture of purpose.

By utilizing current business behaviors, Givsly’s two core products develop turn-key solutions for business through the time and resources used in everyday business responsibilities. Our two core products are:

Givsly – A purpose platform that allows busy professionals the option to create social impact by volunteering a business meeting in exchange for a donation to a nonprofit they care about.

Givsly Experiences – A portfolio of turn-key experiences for companies looking to utilize current marketing budgets for more meaningful client interaction.