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Supporting Founders in the growth stage of their ventures.


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Through our flagship Nonprofit Accelerator program, we help entrepreneurs become deeply formed as leaders who guide their nonprofit organizations to be more effective in leveraging philanthropic capital, and more redemptive in their impact.

This mentorship-driven, non-residential program equips high-capacity founders as they innovate in their respective sectors. We accept just 12 growth-stage ventures every year, with up to two co-founding leaders (known as Praxis Fellows) per organization.

During and beyond their participation in the Nonprofit Accelerator, Praxis supports the growth, health, and impact of new ventures by equipping entrepreneurs in five critical areas.

  • Values-Aligned Capital
  • Expert Mentoring
  • Transformative Content
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Talent Network

What Fellows gain

You'll grow as a leader. You'll be interacting with dozens of Praxis Mentors—wise leaders with expertise on strategy, operations, fundraising, and leadership. You'll receive sustained personal coaching from our senior program team. As a result, you're very likely to become more effective, more resilient, and more redemptive as a leader.

Your nonprofit will become more redemptive and fundable as it matures. You'll regularly discuss and apply the principles and practices of redemptive entrepreneurship—and receive specific tactical counsel—in wide-ranging aspects of your work. You'll enjoy access to capital, talent, and other resources to grow your venture, through personal introductions, gatherings, and private tech-based platforms.

You'll become part of a life-giving community. From day one you're part of a diverse cohort of amazing peers leading early-stage ventures in various nonprofit sectors, sharing the highs and lows of the journey to grow your ventures as you grow in your faith. You'll be supported by the Praxis team, a tight-knit group of advocates and connectors ready to help you thrive in the program. And the program is an onramp to ongoing participation in the wider Praxis community, launched at our end-of-program Summit and Showcase with hundreds of active philanthropists, mentors, Fellow alumni, and thought leaders.