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Easily make videos for your organization and donors


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Promoting your non-profit is hard work.

You need to engage your audience consistently, highlight the problems you're addressing, and show your wins. Vidds is here to help you. Create engaging social media and website videos quickly, use stock photos to enhance your existing content, create GIFs to include in your e-mail campaigns, and so much more.

Become a video ninja with Vidds and easily edit awesome videos, in record time!

You know that traditional video editing software, that’s complicated, has too many confusing features and takes years to properly learn? Yeah, we hate that too. Why can’t video editing be easy, fast, fun and powerful all at once?

Now it can. That’s why we created Vidds – we’ve taken some of the more powerful features and distilled them into an easy online video editor that focuses on template-based video creation.

This means intuitive video editing that’s easy the very first time you use it. Say goodbye to steep learning curves and hello to creating awesome videos in minutes!

No more Timelines

Our perfect video ‘recipes’ make video editing easy yet effective and by removing the timeline we’ve simplified the creative process. Vidds’ online video editing tool allows everyone to make engaging video content.

We don’t just mean “easy” for professional video makers, we mean “easy” for everyone. Whether you want to create your first video to promote your business, turn pictures into a video, add animated text overlays, or create a gif – you’ll be able to do all that and more with Vidds.